Insights, analysis & audits

We offer our partners quantitative insights into how their content is being consumed.

We can provide both raw data and finished analysis, in a format that is tailored to suit particular business needs.

Market intelligence

Usage of our libraries creates insights into how people are consuming knowledge. We analyse how content is being used (anonymously to preserve users' privacy) so that content providers are able to gain valuable market intelligence on issues such as:

  • Subject grouping - which topics are researched in combination with each other.
  • Subject trending - what are the key words that people are searching on and which areas are generating the most interest.
  • Authors - who are the most read authors, and who are being searched for explicitly.
  • Publications - which parts of a publication are being read or ignored, and how do users rate it.
  • Content usage - which content is most avidly bought and referenced.

Emerging trends

As well as the contextual analysis we also provide a view of emerging trends. Content owners can use this to spot future 'hot topics' and rising authors, as well as to identify the foundation materials that users consider to be a 'must have' in a given subject area.

In addition, our trends analysis can show which medium people prefer when consuming specific content.

Ideas testing (pre-publication review)

Published authors are able to post work in progress for review by others. They can control who sees their work, who can comment on it, and the type of feedback offered by others.

Audit trails

In certain restricted-access environments, such as a corporate intranet, we are able to offer audit trails on who is reading what and when. This is a forensic analysis tool designed to assist corporate risk management activities, and is applicable only in sensitive contexts. This service is not available on public-access platforms.