Knowledge libraries

We create and manage on-line libraries. Each one is focused on a specific set of subject areas.

It's about finding knowledge that is useful, rather than masses of information that takes ages to search through.

The libraries are simple to use - you search them. The results are not distorted by sponsored rankings or paid-for advertisements, and the sources of information are clear (we use the Harvard referencing system which shows the author(s), publisher, and the year and place of publication).

It's all about quality

We strive to ensure that all of the content in our libraries is of a high quality and relevant. Each item, be it a publication, video or model, is vetted by specialists to ensure that it meets a minimum quality threshold. Our content contributors have published their work in peer-reviewed journals, or in books through recognised publishers. Where we give selected (peer-reviewed) authors the opportunity to test new ideas before publication, their knowledge is flagged as not having yet been published.

It's all about a site 'that works'

Access to our libraries is via a web browser (they are cross-platform applications served up across the web or within a corporate intranet).

We design the interface so that everything is only 'one click away' and so that it is obvious how to do things (we also make it easy to send us feedback, so that we can continually improve the user experience).

A library plus a few other helpful things

The library comes with a few tools that are designed to make it easy to gather knowledge and explore ideas.

You can instantly view or save any search result.

You can save part of a document or video to your own scrapbook (when you do, the full Harvard reference is automatically added to your scrapbook).

You can copy information into your own project (bearing in mind copyright restrictions, of course). Each project is a bit like a MS Word document, which you can edit online and save to your computer as an editable document. It is easy to invite others to peer-review your work, and to show the full list of references of your sources of information.

A community if you want it

You can work alone, share your ideas with a selected group of others, or you can crowd-source and open your ideas to the world.