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Issues we solve

Identifying contractual risk, liabilities and obligations is usually expensive, error prone, and often takes too long.

It requires hiring expensive teams to batch-process physical and electronic documents, to search and cross reference by hand. This process is routinely subject to human error.


A better future

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could see instantaneously your contractual obligations, collateral liabilities and market risks constituted across your entire body of legal contracts?

And programmatically feed insight in to your management and business systems? And automatically analyse new contracts in real-time, as soon as they are written?

What we do

Hamel builds tools and services to programmatically extract and explore unstructured data of legally binding contracts and documents.

Our solutions review historical contracts and automatically process new contracts, produce customised assessments, and enable real-time data feeds into existing business systems.

Our technology also enables secure sharing and mark-up of commercially sensitive and restricted content - with sophisticated access controls that include user, geography and time based limitations.


For further information, contact John Grogan on john.grogan@hamel.com