your content,
slice by slice

Hamel’s service

Hamel is a platform for publication and consumption of mixed content – with integrated protection of copyright (including for ePubs, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents).

Access is via a standard web browser, with no additional IT requirements. It can also be white-labelled and integrated into existing content management systems.

You are in control: hamel is designed for self-management of content and advanced publication features, including user access control, user management, branded web pages, pricing, content aggregation and usage data.

Hamel enables automatic content segmentation and multi-lingual search.

Key features

  • Partial publication and partial consumption
    (e.g. search & rent a chapter, rather than buy the entire book).
  • ePub books, MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, photos, videos, …
  • Independent control of search, browsing, viewing, copying & downloading.
  • Ability to sell, rent, license (off-line and on-line) & subscribe.
  • Ability to independently issue coupons/vouchers
    (controlled by date, geography and volume of usage).
  • Variable and dynamic pricing, with mixed currency billing and collection.
  • Multilingual, mixed language.
  • Branded environments.
  • Self-managed.
  • Browser access (no plugins).
  • End-user usage data – MiFID II compliant.

Access control

  • Access controls can be set for both internal and external users.
  • Restrictions can be applied to individual users, groups of users or to third-party subscribers.
  • Possible to integrate existing corporate and client ID management systems.
  • Restrictions can be any combination of:
    • Date & time
    • Country, referral url, IP address
    • Email (partial, generic or complete)
    • Direct invitation
    • Group and individual coupons/ vouchers
    • Arbitrary group membership
    • Bespoke user identification.
  • Content that is not fully accessible can be made available for
    preview or hidden completely.
  • Ability to view, download and copy can be set independently.


  • Sell, rent, subscribe.
  • License to third-party for distribution to their end users:
    • Deal can be negotiated off-line, or made available as a transactional on-line sale.
    • Terms can allow third-party sales of your content, with automatic revenue collection.
  • Variable & dynamic content pricing:
    • People in different countries can be charged different amounts, in different currencies, at different times.
    • Can offer multiple purchase options for the same item
      (e.g. rent at price X or purchase outright at price Y).
  • Sell in 130+ currencies, receive funds
    in GBP, EUR or USD (more to come).
  • Can specify the price as pre-tax or inclusive of taxes
    (we apply the relevant tax rate).
  • Run and download reports at any time, offering both high-level and granular analysis.